The Story So Far

So onto the story so far… It was the best of times, the worst of times, the mean streets of Glasgow called out for food, coffee, cheese, paninis, more coffee, skinny latte, macchiato, cup of your first chino. Running to stand still, no place for a young family, no time for children, no time for each other, no time for anything except making money, no fun my babe, no fun. Enough is enough, no more, we must improve our quality of life before its too late, the only people who are going to make big money are the divorce lawyers, this way lays trouble, this way lies burnout, breakdown, bust up. Stop. Rethink. Regroup. Realise this city is dragging us down, the country life with all of its joys, the simple life, a family run hotel with good food, good company, a smart little Inn on the banks of the Tay.

Remake, remodel, rip it up and start again. In just 6 weeks after closing, the rather fetching (fetch up) doors, they reopened, new menu, new interior, new suite of rooms, some new staff, new attitude, new values. Geoff and Josie and their two young children, Ryan and Isla left Glasgow and their 2nd successful business to start again in the country.

The Inn on the Tay, a wonderful Inn tucked into a bend in the Tay, just as the river picks up speed and turns into white foaming spray, where canoeists and rafters and middle aged executives on team building exercises thrash about in the spume and lashing waves, where gamekeepers resplendent in their tweeds and on quad bikes pass the chef fresh slaughtered game. In the bar the local farmers quizzical for a while as change is something, sometimes feared, a bitter pill, “best left as it was I say” echo’s in mumbles now diminished, now fully integrated by the cheerful 100 mph whirlwind that is Josie at full throttle, multi-tasking is too slow for Josie, a mile a minute, pocket rocket, full of passion, always a smile and a cheery “hello, is everything alright sir?” as she cuts across the restaurant to check in two weary travelers and show them to their suit of rooms lovingly prepared (no one can clean as clean as Josie, Cillit Bang my arse, just Josie and the dirt is gone). Josie’s touch just ten minutes before they arrive, fresh flowers-check, reading material-check, tea, coffee, milk for the room-check, “what time for dinner Sir?” -check, “Any special requests?…No problem Sir… Breakfast at 8, full Scottish… Yes Sir”.

Where in comparison the iconic laid back ex-Rogano lounge lizard Geoff Wilson. In any restaurant he is omnipotent. Table plans are exact, and flow from his pen like quicksand. The wine is just the right temperature, the orders are staggered, he moves like a tiger on Vaseline, slick, professional, exact, just what you would expect, understated perfection, perfection as he says is a lot of little details done right. It’s the juxtaposition of these two characters, Geoff and Josie, like Basil and Tomato, like Oil and Vinegar, Benson and Hedges, together they make a formidable pairing. This is their new home, new venture, new beginning, new horizon, brand new tomorrow, every penny, every breath, everything they have is tied up in this quaint little Inn, they seem to have grown into it as they wear it well. So raise a cup and a cheer to the new adventurers who don’t take no for an answer, who put their money where their mouths are, who dares wins.

I say all the very best and make a point of visiting the Inn on the Tay where the service is a way of life, relax, unwind, forget the city, come to the country, see if what I say is true, all here waiting for you at The Inn on the Tay.